A multiple choice test on julius

Under which two monarchs did Shakespeare perform and write? The physical length is less important. Even if you do not know what a secondary sex characteristic is, you do know that options a, b, and d state facts about male adolescents.

Is this a holiday?

Julius Caesar Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions

He is going to ask Casca and Brutus to have dinner with him the following evening to discuss what to do about Caesar. Therefore, they skimp when they are writing incorrect choices on a multiple choice test. He kills himself with his sword.

There is not a penalty for guessing. You might, therefore, conclude that option c does not state a fact about young men. It is important to use the following techniques with care to determine if they are applicable.

Julius Caesar Multiple Choice Test Questions

The words always, never, and sometimes are called clue words. Stems, Options, and Distractors Multiple-choice questions are usually either incomplete statements followed by possible ways the statements may be completed or they are questions followed by possible answers.

Some clue words such as all, every, none, exactly, always, and never indicate that the statement is absolutely true. The political scientist knows it is true.

What are three types of plays Shakespeare wrote? The correct answer to this question is option b; options a, c, and d are distractors.

William Shakespeare : Julius Caesar Act II Quiz

The correct answer is option d. Read the question as it is. Mark Antony will fear for his life when Caesar is dead. Elizabeth, and John I b. Make sure you have answered all the questions. Look for information in test items that will help you answer other questions. Skip questions that stump you.

The Feast of Lupercal was a celebration of: On most true-false or multiple-choice tests, your final score is simply the number you answer correctly.

They will need a lot of money to set up the new government.

Julius Caesar - Multiple Choice Test

If allowed to, underline key words. Do not go back over every question. Portia is married to Brutus, but she is the sister of A. Why does Cassius want Brutus to join the conspiracy?

The pun in the above lines concerns A. Which of the following is not a secondary sex characteristic of normal male adolescents?

It is sometimes true, sometimes not: When you find an easy question or one you are certain of, answer it.

A Multiple Choice Test on Julius Caesar

One way to locate distractors is to analyze a multiple choice question as though it is a series of true-false questions. If the test is a long one and you are pressed for time, answer the easy ones, guess at the difficult ones.

If they appear in a statement it must be true in every case to be true at all. The odds are in your favor that your first answer was right. Go away, you lazy bums! Do not guess if there is a penalty for guessing and you have no basis on which to make a good choice.

Copy down the quotation, including citation. Often a test writer will think it smart to include among the wrong answers a distractor similar to the right answer.

The first part of a multiple-choice question is called the stem. Her dreams are omens of tragedy and he should not go to the Senate meeting.ENGLISH 10 FINAL TEST.

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar () FORM ONE. Note: This OPEN-book test must be completed in 60 minutes. PART A: MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS. Place the letter representing the BEST answer in the space provided on the separate Answer Sheet. Question: 'And we like friends will straightway go together'.Brutus feels sorry when he hears this from Caesar because Brutus.

At the beginning of Act II, Brutus finally makes a decision regarding what he should do about Julius Caesar. Caesar himself also faces some conflict when he must decided whether or not to go to the Capital to accept the crown, despite his wife's warning.

Free Essay: Julius Caesar Multiple Choice Unit Test 1 Name_____ MULTIPLE CHOICE UNIT TEST 1 - Julius Caesar I. JULIUS CAESAR REVIEW SHEET FOR FINAL EXAM BRING A PEN OR PENCIL for the multiple choice test. Your point test will consist of TWO parts with the following sections: PART 1 WORTH 50 POINTS MULTIPLE CHOICE—based on MOST of the 50 “Selection Test” (practice test) questions.

I’ve. Julius Caesar quiz that tests what you know. Perfect prep for Julius Caesar quizzes and tests you might have in school.

A multiple choice test on julius
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