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As the first major theological study of Jesse Mercer to appear in print, it is a highly commendable book. Chute notes that Mercer did not agree with the new missionary theology of Andrew Fuller but continued to hold to a strict view of limited atonement.

The Story of a Baptist Statesman.

A Piety Above the Common Standard.

After it sets the picture of his life, and creates the world in which he lived, Chute progresses through the major debates circulating at the time between Primitive Baptists hypercalvinists and all others in favor of missions, educated ministers, and cooperation associations.

A Piety Above the Common Standard. On one hand, those searching for a thorough, more technically nuanced biography of Jesse Mercer will profit by reading A Piety Above a Common Standard.

Thoughts of a Pastor-Historian

Mercer also left his theological imprint upon his wide audience through the acquisition of The Christian Index from W. The issues are pressing even today. Jesse Mercer and the Evangelistic Calvinism.

Mercer engaged in similar arguments regarding the need for an educated ministry and participation in benevolent societies and temperance organizations, all of which are well displayed by Chute. Mercer pointed to the missionaries of the early church, Paul foremost among them, to demonstrate that God had incorporated such means in His predetermined plan of salvation.

I sincerely recommend this book. CopyrightGale Group. Chute deals seriously with the history and limits interpretation to that which can be corroborated by multiple sources--even so, his interpretations are not an approval or disapproval of Jesse Mercer and his dogma, but rather a filling out of the historical account.

The person of Jesse Mercer represented these strands, accentuating them from the pulpit and editorials in The Christian Index. Jesse Mercer strengthened his own leadership in Georgia Baptist life through the initiation of two efforts to unite Georgia Baptists in and Through these two mediums of communication, Mercer argued for the establishment of missionary institutions theological schools, protracted meetings, and missionary societies while holding to the Calvinistic theology of his forefathers.

It has been tweaked since that time, but is very academic by nature. You will look forward to meeting him in the new creation and strive to be a better Christian leader even now. Brantly of Philadelphia, which he moved to Georgia in Jesse Mercer and Evangelical Calvinism In this intellectual biography, Chute seeks to answer one particular question: Hyde is exceedingly clear that this is not permissible under any circumstances.

In the process, he makes clear the meaning of nuanced ideas no longer commonly current in a distinctly non-Calvinist America, making the work accessible to readers with no significant background in religion. Work and Our Labor in the Lord -- "A helpful contribution to growing popular-level treatments of biblical theology, this volume provides practical instruction on work and demonstrates a strong hermeneutical method.

His peers recognized his leadership abilities and tapped him to be the president of the Georgia Baptist Convention, a position he held from until But Father Mercer is such an easy read that it is suitable for the most general audience.

Still, trying to reach two different audiences with similar material is a bold move. However much Baptists, and especially Primitive Baptists, disparaged intellectuals and the need for an educated ministry, they deftly argued scriptural authority for their positions.Review of A Piety above the Common Standard, by Tony Chute By JMH on July 19, in Bible and Theology, Books, Evangelism and Apologetics, History, Reformation and Revival Anthony L.

Chute, A Piety above the Common Standard: Jesse Mercer and Evangelistic Calvinism. A piety above common standard was a book that I had never heard of before, but it was well worth the read. It wasn’t until I read this book that I was introduced to Jesse Mercer.

It wasn’t until I read this book that I was introduced to Jesse Mercer. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for A PIETY ABOVE THE COMMON STANDARD (Baptists) at mi-centre.com Read honest and.

A Piety Above the Common Standard. By Anthony I_ Chute. Macon, GA: Mercer University Press, pp. In analyzing the historical figure of Jesse Mercer as a representative theological leader of his era, Anthony Chute probes into the Calvinistic underpinnings of Mercer's theology and examines.

A Piety above the Common Standard: Jesse Mercer and Evangelistic Calvinism by Anthony L. Chute (, Paperback) Be the first to write a review About this product.

Sep 22,  · Review of A Piety above the Common Standard, by Tony Chute-- "Anthony Chute, who now teaches at California Baptist University, has given us a valuable window into the life and times of Jesse Mercer (–).".

A piety above the common standard review
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