A statistical analysis for the sales effect of comparative advertising

Sampling techniques have included convenience sampling using available students Goodwin and Etgar, ; Golden, and two-stage clustering method Swinyard, In later sections researcher has framed the thesis statement, objectives, sub-objectives and research questions.

Research companies have been guilty of relying on one or two simplistic measures of advertising effectiveness, while completely ignoring many other very important variables. And finally, since the use of comparative advertising has only recently been accepted, advertisers and public policy makers have virtually no information concerning its impact on the consumer.

Third, additional research is clearly required on high-involvement products shopping and specialty goods and consumer services. Thus, the respondent could receive any one of thirty-six different copy manipulations included in the factorial design 2x3x2x3.

Great advertising is rarely created in a strategy vacuum. In summary, the findings reported in the literature which cover the effects of comparative advertising on subject awareness are mixed. Audience Characteristics The findings on audience characteristics indicate that a Demographic profiles do not influence attitudes toward comparative advertising McDougall, This means that every execution is tested and tweaked based on scientific evidence from the target audience.

Once a conceptual family of commercials is identified as the optimal campaign of the future, then the campaign should be locked down. Thus, although there are no relative differences in the impact of comparative and non-comparative copy, the particular theme used with a comparative advertisement may make it more effective than a non-comparative advertisement.

The experimental manipulation consisted of one of two forms of an advertisement appearing in a local Sunday newspaper.

It has the power to change markets and improve profit margins. So far, very little research has been done in this area. Both themes two and three produce higher purchase intentions with a comparative advertisement than with a non-comparative advertisement.

If notching else, research on comparative advertising has shown that this particular message strategy produces complex, multidimensional effects and clearly indicates the need for further theoretical development in the area. Read all of the open-ended questions carefully.

In this paper, the authors not only identified the various arguments and problems in comparative advertising, but also advanced a broad set of hypotheses which were designed to generate a focused stream of research on the topic.

This might seem like an overly harsh assessment, but it is based on testing thousands of ads over several decades. Generically - when competing products perform similar end uses but may differ physically.

Then analyse the results and findings got from primary research and secondary research analysis. Again, the responsibility for strategy falls squarely on the client. Earlystage testing allows rough commercials to be tweaked and fine-tuned before you spend the big dollars on final production.

Respondents were randomly assigned to treatments and except for the inclusion of the experimental manipulations, all treatments were parallel.Sales revenue is one of the key performance indicators of the advertising campaign.

This is an attempt to do a comparative study of the sales effects of traditional and contemporary media vehicles.

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This document is the dissertation report for MSc. Marketing course, definition and use of comparative advertising, history and background of comparative ads, the pros and cons of using comparative ads, how comparative advertising functions, and guidelines for the improved.

Recent efforts to measure various effects of comparative advertising have produced interesting but often inconclusive results.

A framework is proposed which provides a vehicle for evaluating research progress to date and for identifying important opportunities for future work on the topic. In this respect, the primary goal of our research is to examine the effect of comparative ads in the context of the ad format (i.e., brand to which the ad sponsor compares itself), attribute relevance and image of the advertising brand.

tion, comparative advertising strategy has greater effect than conventional advertising on influencing purchase be­ havior before an attitude is formed or changed. Keywords: Advertising, Targeting Children in Advertising, Use of Sex in Advertisements, Promotion of Materialism through Advertising, Use of Comparative Advertising, Ethics in Advertising, Use of Celebrities in Advertising, Economic Effects of Advertising, Public Policy on Advertising.

A statistical analysis for the sales effect of comparative advertising
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