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Strange Fruit: Poem Analysis

The speaker continues to use the descriptions of the beautiful parts of the south to juxtapose with the atrocities committed there. Dictionary Definition — kill someone for an alleged offence without a legal trial, especially by hanging.

From this line, the reader was able to identify the extremeness of lynching and also a clear illustration of people hanging from the trees. People who committed these crimes took the law into their own hands, and often proceeded to hang someone even if that person had been cleared of charges or had only been accused of a crime against a white person.

But also it could be said that there is blood on the leaves meaning the present, and the root being the past meaning that there always has been bloodshed since the beginning. Whereas it is natural for fruit to hang from trees, it is inhumane to hang bodies from trees.

Nutrient Analysis of Fruit and Vegetables

The reader can imagine fruit swinging in a warm southern breeze, and that is a natural and beautiful image. These words struck the American public, allowing the bitterness of the reality of these occurrences to sink in and sober the American people with the realization of the tragedies that have taken place on their land.

Song writer Abel Meeropol and singer Billie Holliday worked together to produce perhaps one of the most heart wrenching songs ever written.

They were meant as a warning. From the usage of this metaphor, the reader was able to deeply understand how these poor souls were treated. They are certainly sweet-smelling, and after the brutal description of the bodies, this description of the sweet scent of flowers serves to further exemplify the tragedies that have occurred in these beautiful southern states.

Magnolias are often associated with the southern An analysis of fruit, as they are found there most often. The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth — How the bodies looked hanging from the trees Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh An analysis of fruit the sudden smell of burning flesh — The contrasting diction of these two lines contribute to the overall theme of the song.

With these lines, the speaker subtly reveals how very unnatural a sight it is to see. More essays like this: Lynching was also considered a sport in some ways, postcards were taken of crowds picnicking under hanging corpses to show people how proud they were of what they had accomplished.

As horrific and cruel lynching was, it was considered acceptable. Here is a strange and bitter crop — A crop is something which has to be planted, therefore this line is implying that the people of the south have created this. Southern trees bear strange fruit — Meaning that the trees in the American South bear a different kind of fruit: Lines One of the most horrendous truths about the history of lynching in America, is that the bodies were often left to rot for days, so that people could not help but look up and notice.

Poplar trees are common trees in the south, and they were often used for lynching due to their thick and strong branches.

Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees — People were commonly hung from the poplar trees which are abundant in the south. Blood on the leaves and blood at the root — This could interpreted two ways, one literally that there is blood on the leaves and the root of the tree.

Throughout the poem, Meeropol uses a variety of poetic devices to increase the significance of lynching. Furthermore, in the poem, Meeropol describes the sweet smell of magnolias, and then suddenly juxtaposes it with the smell of burning flesh.

Lynching is still used to this day in the south as a very violent form of punishment.Analysis Rudy Giuliani makes yet another complete mess Review Bob Woodward’s meticulous, frightening look inside the Trump White House Opinion Trump and Giuliani are talking tough about a Mueller subpoena.

14 Applications in Analysis of Fruits and Vegetables D. C. SLAUGHTER University of California Davis, California J. A. ABBOTT USDA-ARS Beltsville, Maryland We begin with background and a brief history of optical measurements of fruits and.

Analysis of Strange Fruit Essay Sample. First recorded inthe protest song “Strange Fruit” came to articulate the racism and brutality of lynching* endured by so many in the United States, particularly in the south.

Strange Fruit by Abel Meeropol

Strange Fruit Analysis Lines In linesof the poem, which can be read in full here, the writer creates an image the reader cannot easily mi-centre.comer has happened, the speaker has not yet fully revealed, but it has left so much blood that there is blood on the leaves of a tree, and also at the root.

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Nutrient analysis of fruit and vegetables Samples requiring preparation/cooking were prepared using normal domestic practices and in accordance with packaging instructions.

An analysis of fruit
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