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The United states led the democratic side, and the Soviet Union Russia led the communist side. This is how modern day countries such as France, Spain, and England got their roots.

A political civil war erupted in the country between communists and Nationalists, which was ultimately won by the communists. Cold War A "war" that never actually became a war. The worlds 5 largest states in measure of land area are 1 Russia 2 China 3 Canada 4 U. Bya few kings stood out among the rest, and joined their land together with the hope of development.

This ended in when the Taiwanese president declared independence from China. These are states that have incredibly small land areas. North Korea was occupied by the soviets and to this day are still communist, and South Korea was occupied by the U. They instead discovered the Americas, and the "New World" and colonized there instead of Asia.

This area was the center of communication in ancient times and was the first area to develop City-States. The area finally gained stability with Ancient Egypt. The largest states in the world generally also play a large role on the global stage.

As they conquered land, the explorers gained access to new resources that could be traded and sold back home in Europe.

Development of the state concept Beforemost of the world was organized in City-States, Empires, and Tribes. Inshortly after the superpowers departed, North Korea invaded South Korea and solidified the seperation of the two states. The roman Empire lasted until the 5th century A.

For nearly half a century the two governments acted peacefully, with many powers granted to the Nationalists by the Chinese government. The 3 main reasons that most Europeans colonized between the 15th and 18th century were for God, Gold, and Glory.

The effort bu one country trying to establish settlements by imposing principals and politics from their country onto other lands. The event itself took place during the era of 2 superpowers, post WW2.

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico can be considered the largest Modern-day colony. As The explorers claimed lands for their countries, they imposed their religion on the people, which led to the spread of Christianity. To this day the population is split in half of those who wish to remain a U. Its people are considered Citizens of the United States, and are given the rights and protections that go along with that, but they do not have a representative in the U.

The expanse of the city was usually marked by a wall. Mesopotamia was the area that the fertile crescent was in, and tribe after tribe would temporarily take control of the area and set up an Empire, only to be attacked by a different tribe some time later.

Today, Taiwan is the most populated nation in the world that is not recognized by the U. This left most of earth to be unorganized territory. Ancient and Mid evil states Development of modern states began in the Middle East, in the land known as the Fertile Crescent.Study 63 Chapter 8 Test-Multiple Choice flashcards from Kayley A.

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The event itself took place during the era of 2 superpowers, post WW2. The United states led the democratic side, and the Soviet Union (Russia) led the communist side.

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Ap human chapter 8
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