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In June of the following year, police were made aware of the situation and Coles was arrested. It is evident the clinic did not file a report since Gonzalez continued to assault Dana after the abortion and did not stop until February of Her mother accompanied them and, afterward, was forced by Isenhower to destroy the documentation from the clinic so that there would be no paper trail.

Actual Cases

She was taken for an abortion in August and it is evident the clinic did not file a report since she was pregnant again in February of Inshe became pregnant and miscarried. On the day Spady was charged with the assaults on Sherry, he fled to Canada.

She later testified that he raped her approximately 50 times often using restraints, beatings and threats of other physical violence to make her comply.

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Counseling -- Moral and ethical aspects -- United States. The assaults did not stop until family members learned of them and called the authorities. Court records show that Franklin impregnated Alexandra again the following year and that she was taken for a second abortion.

Holly Forester-Miller Case Study Watson Case Study 8: It is evident that the abortion clinic did not report either incident since the abuse continued until Raney was 20 years old and went to the authorities.

Case Studies in Counseling Older Adults

The abortion was botched and Celena almost died from internal hemorrhaging. Issues and initial findings. During questioning by investigators from the Department of Children and Families, Natalie revealed that Jones was the one who impregnated her.

Journal of Counseling Psychology, 49, When the situation was finally exposed to the authorities, he did not contest the charges against him and surrendered his teaching certificate. It is clear the abortion clinic did not report the incident since the abuse continued for years.

Army in Vietnam where he purchased a five-year-old girl from a local woman. Kocet Case Study Charlotte Sherron was convicted of being an accessory after the fact and sentenced to three years in prison and two years of post-release supervision.

Ethical reasoning takes onnew meaning as we encounter a variety of ethical dilemmas. Research and Publication Section H: He is currently serving a year sentence in the state penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas.

Yolanda eventually told a friend what was going on and authorities were notified. Between the two girls, three pregnancies resulted from these assaults and, in each case, their mother took them for abortions.Part III Issues and Case Studies Chapter 1 with Larry Golden.

She is also the author or coauthor of more than 65 journal articles and book chapters on ethics, social justice and multicultural counseling, feminist therapy, and other junct faculty member in the Graduate Studies in Counseling Program at Rollins College in Winter Park.

Case Studies in School Counseling () Sheila Witherspoon, Ph.D., Rutgers elementary school counseling, african american males; Disciplines.

Race and Ethnicity and; Student Counseling and Personnel Services; Publication Date. Editor. Golden, Larry B. & Henderson, Patricia Publisher. Pearson: Merrill/Prentice Hall ISBN.

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Case Studies in School Counseling. Larry Golden, University of Texas at San Antonio-Downtown Campus. The authors have selected case studies for this book that provide a wide sampling, as well as including developmental cases that address the needs of whole grade levels of students.

COLLIE CONOLEY. Professor Emeritus, Educational Psychology. Office#: Family Therapy Innovative Therapies (e.g., telephone & email counseling) Psychotherapy Processes Teasing and other forms of Aggression C.W.

() Rename the Blame Frame: Who is upset now? In Larry Golden (Ed) Case Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy 2nd Ed. Upper.

Case Studies in School Counseling

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CASES. 1 We Two Can Be Teachers. 2 A Classroom Teacher's Struggle with Stealing. 3 Emily in the Eye of the Storm.

Larry Golden, Patricia Henderson Product Details Case Studies in School Counseling is a valuable resource to school counselors who are seeking to enhance their [PDF] Encyclopedia Of

Case studies in school counseling larry golden
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