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For the revenue, among these three competitors, the Cathay Pacific ranks the second last with These airline serves more than destinations.

At the same time, if the company fails to purchase new aircrafts and to replace old aircrafts by new ones, Cathay Pacific Airways can face the problem of the steady deterioration of the quality of its services and the shortage of aircrafts that can provide services for customers.

For instance, human resources can introduce innovations that can improve the performance of the company and boost its business development. Besides that, Cathay Pacific has a poor management. First, the company is based in Hong Kong and, in spite of historically strong western impact on their organizational culture, the company still remains oriental company with respective cultural norms and traditions, which Cathay pacific swot analysis affect its organizational structure and relations within the organization.

In addition, the company may offer new pricing policies as well as new flights, which may meet needs of customers and be more attractive compared to offers of rivals of Cathay Pacific Airways.

Therefore, the company has to adapt its managing style to new cultural norms and traditions of local employees. Competition among the airline in the world Although Cathay Pacific is one of the best airline in the world, the competitors still exist. Around 1, aircraft movements and over airlines link HKIA with about destinations worldwide every day.

The programme is so holistic that it is treated another brand inside Cathay Pacific especially since it is immediately adjacent to first class where passengers paying full economy fares enjoy improved service and facilities Chan At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that human resources play an extremely important part in the competitive struggle today because human resources have the potential to boost the development of their organization.

Customer satisfaction is what Cathay Pacific is after through providing the customers more flight choices, smooth transfers, access to other airport lounges and enhanced benefits. Also, the company adopts the forecasting, the team predicts that there will be an increase fuel price in the future and they are now actively finding the alternative to replace the original fuel by biofuel, so that they will not be affected by the high price.

Hence, Cathay Pacific Airways can compensate possible losses in other markets due to the growth of Chinese market. This protest was reported internationally. However, in the future, stricter environmental requirements can raise problems in face of the company and force the company to modernize its fleet to enter European and American markets Volti, Cathay Pacific also identifies leveraging its brand and demonstrating that it is a company that can be trusted is its next target.

Young people from under-privileged backgrounds can take part to this program, and they can have an opportunity to learn about aviation and careers in the aviation industry. In such a situation, Cathay Pacific Airways should not only use its full potential in China and the Asia Pacific region but also enhance its position in Europe and America consistently.

Swot Analysis - Cathay Pacific

SWOT analysis of Cathay Pacific Using SWOT analysis, Cathay Pacific aspires to be a leader and will help to share future policies that affect the aviation industry by working with government and its partners as the strength.

The global financial crisis of has had a negative impact on the marketing development of Cathay Pacific Airways because the company has faced the problem of the decline of the cargo transportation and the decline of the flow of passengers Peters, In this regard, it is possible to use the SWOT analysis, which helps to conduct the internal analysis and gives insights into the competitive position and potential of the company.

There are two loyalty programmes for Cathay Pacific and one among this is the Marco Polo Club, which is a frequent flyer program. Today, Cathay Pacific Airways has a fleet of relatively new vehicles and does not confront problems concerning the environmental legislation.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the brand of the company as one of the major marketing assets of the company.

Cathay Pacific SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

For instance, a positive feedback from the part of managers of the company can encourage employees to work better. The lack of aircrafts will lead to delays of flights and late delivery of cargo and passengers.

As such, the service is renowned because of the people who are always willing to go the extra mile to make the passenger feel special. In this regard, the growth of Chinese and Asian markets may be quite helpful because they provide the company with essential financial resources, which Cathay Pacific Airways can invest into the development of its business in Europe and America.

The Asia Pacific region is the major market Cathay pacific swot analysis Cathay Pacific Airways but the company operates internationally and offers flights worldwide. Prior to acquisition of Dragonair, Cathay Pacific has lost its competitive advantage which resulted in declining sales because of intensifying competition.

In fact, the company can develop the customer loyalty and satisfaction using the full potential of its human resources and implementing new technologies.

Ltd has 82, employees while Cathay Pacific only has 32, employees. This is to protect the financial stability of Hong Kong as well as that of the two carriers. Confronting such behemoths is extremely challenging for Cathay Pacific Airways because its major rivals have a very strong position in European and American markets, which are traditionally among the largest global markets with the high level of capitalization.

In fact, this is the strategic opportunity for the company because loosing the lead in Chinese market can undermine the position of Cathay Pacific Airways in the global market since Chinese market is the major target for the company, which owns a share of China Airways, the major airlines of China.

During the s, Cathay Pacific realised that there is the need to overcome the challenges of competition thus acquiring Dragonair. The Club is one of the most well-established schemes for Cathay Pacific and Oneworld alliance.

Chinese market keeps growing, in spite of the global financial crisis of and deep economic recession in other countries. Future challenges of additional competition brings if Cathay Pacific will not resolve in strategic option Page, On the other hand, Cathay Pacific Airways has certain weaknesses, which affect its marketing performance.

The cargo and mail load factor rose by 2.SWOT analysis of Cathay Pacific. Using SWOT analysis, Cathay Pacific aspires to be a leader and will help to share future policies that affect the aviation industry by working with government and its partners as the strength.

Cathay Pacific also identifies leveraging its brand and demonstrating that it is a company that can be trusted is its. More about Pestel, Swot and Porters 5 Analysis of Emirates Airlines and Cathay Pacific Swot and Pestel Analysis of an Organisation of Your Choice. British Airways Plc.

The analysis of the internal potential, operations, and strengths of the company uncovers opportunities, which Cathay Pacific Airways will have in the future, as well as threats, which the company may confront in the course of. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information.

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited - SWOT Analysis examines the company's key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.

Cathay Pacific is the airline company of Hong Kong, with the headquarters and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. The Cathay Pacific was founded on 24 September by Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and American Roy C.

Farrell. Cathay Pacific currently becomes the world's third largest airline/5(1). Cathay Pacific STP. Segment. Passengers Preferring Comfort / reliability. Target Group. Corporates / Upper Middle Class / Middle Class.

Positioning. Premium. Cathay Pacific SWOT. Strengths.

Internal Analysis for Cathay Pacific Airways essay

Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Cathay Pacific: 1. Present in the Airline market for a long time 2. Satisfied .

Cathay pacific swot analysis
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