Consideration and its rules

The law has left the quantum of consideration to be decided by the respective parties.

Under English Law, however, consideration must move from the promise and not from any other person. Payment of one hundred rupees extra in this case is not a good consideration as it was a promise to do something which the lawyer was legally bound to do.

It means that under English Law, a stranger to consideration cannot file a suit to enforce his right. Negative consideration implies forbearing some right.

Each of the sixteen topics will be addressed by ICSID in background papers to be published in early ICSID has recognised in its paper that the Rules Amendment Process provides an opportunity to ensure that the Rules keep pace with the rapid developments in investment law and arbitration in the last two decades.

In both the cases, the consideration would not be a good consideration. It therefore follows that a person who is a stranger to the consideration can sue for the performance of the contract, because the consideration moves on his behalf from some other person.

The definition of consideration starts with the assertion that consideration must move at the desire of the promisor. If it is done without his request or at the request of a third party, it will not be a valid consideration. For example, A agrees to sell his watch worth Rs.

However, inadequacy of consideration may be taken into account by the Court in determining the question whether the consent of the promisor was given freely, i.

The law insists on the presence of consideration and not on its adequacy. A promise to do something which a person is legally bound to do is not a good consideration. Where the act is to be done in future or the promisor is to receive consideration after the date of promise, it is a future consideration.


Pre-existing duties relating to at-will employment depend largely on state law. A promises to pay an uncertain amount is not a good consideration. A cannot recover the rent as consideration is immoral. However, this is a minority position.

What are the Legal rules regarding consideration?

A is not bound to pay Rs. Under Section 25 1if the four conditions are satisfied, an agreement is a contract even without consideration. It is a case of future consideration. Under English Law, a past consideration is no consideration.The doctrine of consideration. An outline of the rules relating to past consideration, existing duties, sufficiency and adequacy and part payment of a debt.

Contains links to case summaries and law reports. Video: Rules of Consideration in Contract Law: Elements & Case Examples.

ICSID announces sixteen topics for consideration in its review of the ICSID Arbitration Rules

Consideration in contract law is simply the exchange of one thing of value for another. It is one of the six elements that. ICSID announces sixteen topics for consideration in its review of the ICSID Arbitration Rules Following invitations to ICSID member States and the public to submit topics for potential review, ICSID has published a paper on the Rules Amendment Process.

Creating and Implementing Effective Rules and Consequences Chapter Two I. Determining Rules II. Determining Consequences Other Considerations When Determining Rules When considering what rules to establish, you must determine the kind of environment you would like to.

Rules of consideration 1. Consideration must not be past: Re McArdle () Ch Court of Appeal Majorie McArdle carried out certain improvements and repairs on a bungalow. The bungalow formed part of the estate of her husband's father who had died leaving the property to his wife for life and then on trust for Majorie's husband and his.

Jan 17,  · The law insists on the presence of consideration and not on its adequacy. When no consideration is necessary Although as a general rule there cannot be any contract without consideration, there are some exceptions where an agreement is a valid contract even without consideration.

Consideration and its rules
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