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And her mother responds with incredulity, challenging her daughter to become anything other than what she has instructed. Nor, finally, is it about black and white in America. This gives setting a role in the interpretation of the theme. Perhaps the mother is distracted by her relationship with her husband.

The reader gets the impression that the advice that the mother gives her daughter has been passed. This is illustrated in the entire story, which presents very little of the perspective or thoughts of the girl.

The story shows that the mother does not consider much of what the girl thinks.

Jamaica Kincaid Critical Essays

Literature as the mirror of social reality is explicitly expressed in the literary work, Girl by Jamaica Kincaid. The mother does not have the will or desire to know more about her daughter. The mother is directing her daughter about how to live as an adult woman, and many of her comments comprise practical advice.

Inexplicably, their devotion begins to crumble. The motives behind the sternness seem to be protective despite their sometimes crueltyand through this protectiveness the identities of the mother, and her mother, and her mother and the Girl, and her daughter, and her daughter.

Many women in society feel that a woman should act a certain way. The Transformative Power of Domesticity The mother believes that domestic knowledge will not only save her daughter from a life of promiscuity and ruin but will also empower her as the head of her household and a productive member of the community.

The story illustrates that the mother does not have the will or desire to accommodate the thoughts of the girl. She describes the herb-laced baths her mother prepared for her and the stone heap in the yard on which white clothes were dried.

In this regard, the mother is overbearing on her daughter. That she can combine narrative, description, and social commentary into her slender novels is part of her achievement. She tells the girl how to smile at someone she does not like, as well as how to smile at someone she likes very much, and tells her how to avoid evil spirits what looks like a blackbird, the mother says, may be something else entirely.

Annie John, for example, reflects on a new schoolmate, an English girl, imagining that she must long to be in England, where she would not constantly be reminded of the terrible things her ancestors had done.

The fact that the mother does not take notice of this subjectivity, and believes it all to be equally practical and necessary, is highlighted by the fact that there is no transition from one such type of advice to the other — it is all haphazard, with equal weight placed on separating the laundry and on managing finances and on homemade contraception.

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She also tells her daughter about a medicine for abortion and makes the observation that if her directions about how to love a man do not work, the girl should not regret giving up. Her descriptions of the island it is never actually named in Annie John and Lucy are full of exotic details about foods, plants, animals, and colorful local people.

Jamaica Kincaid, a contemporary American Caribbean writer, illustrates in her work the dynamics of human relationships among immigrants trying to assimilate with the dominantly Westernized English society.Free Essay: Short story analysis of Girl by Jamaica Kincaid Have you ever wished that someone had given you a guide on how live the right way?

Jamaica. Thesis Statement For Girl By Jamaica Kincaid story analysis of Girl by Jamaica Kincaid Have you ever wished that someone had given you a guide on how live the right way? Jamaica Kincaid does just that in her short story, Girl. Ever wondered how Girl follows the standard plot of most stories?

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Analysis of Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”

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A short summary of Jamaica Kincaid's Girl. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Girl. “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid from Charters, Ann, Story and its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction. 6th Ed.

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Girl jamaica kincaid analysis thesis
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