Godiva chocolate

It tasted and looked good! Just what I needed Good as a shot, too.

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Really tastes like a piece of chocolate cake. Make sure you chill your martini in a shaker first and enjoy!! Chocolate martini posted by fingerlinks Awesome posted by Mel Mel You can do it without the lemon. Chocolate martini posted by Christine The BEST champagne, food etc It feels like a piece of gooey Betty Crocker chocolate cake is flowing down your mouth.

Like chocolate milk with a kick!

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We went through 2 bottles of ml Godiva and people were still begging for more. Not posted by Eww Took advice on using Vanilla Vodka instead of plain Vodka and it is absolutely the best!

Godiva Chocolate Martini recipe

It was so Yummy!!! Lick the sugar rim, shoot the mixture, and bite a piece of lemon. Perfect shot posted by ed Heaven at Biltmore posted by Phyllis It goes down so smooth! Godiva heaven posted by Linda It is the heaven in a glass!! Amazing Godiva Martini posted by Carly Make one now; it will be your signature close to a great night.

Are these drinks good. More comments posted by erin morvan Chocolate Martini posted by Irresistible I also drizzled chocolate syrup inside the rim for a Godiva chocolate presentation which just made it better. Everyone I know loves it!! A big hit posted by R Godiva Chocolate Martini posted by Teri Delicious posted by DJ Fire Chocolate Milk posted by eah I went to a club and had one.

More comments posted by Torr Not much of a drinker, BUT Chocolate martini posted by Judy C Chocolate Notes is the new online magazine from luxury chocolatier Godiva, full of inspiring features on art, design, lifestyle, travel and all things chocolate. Send delicious gourmet Godiva chocolate gifts with an assortment of chocolates, roses, wine and more.

FTD provides fast shipping and services to your door. This hot chocolate is something amazing. You can not compare it to the ones that you buy at the grocery store. This tastes like good quality chocolate that was made into a hot chocolate drink, not like the powdered chemical-ly taste typical of packages hot chocolate.

Godiva Chocolatier (pronounced "guh-DIE-va") is a Belgian manufacturer of chocolates and related products. Godiva, founded inwas purchased by the Turkish Yıldız Holding, owner of the Ülker Group, on November 20, Godiva owns and operates more than retail boutiques and shops in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia and is available via over 10, specialty retailers.

A delicious recipe for Chocolate Cake Shot, with Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur and Stoli® Vanil vodka. Also lists similar drink recipes.

A delicious recipe for Godiva Chocolate Martini, with Godiva® chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, vodka and half-and-half. Also lists similar drink recipes.

Godiva chocolate
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