Heart of darkness and frankenstein essay

It is at this point that Marlow decides to ask his aunt for help, and she manages to get him a job, which will take him where he desires to go. Firstly it shows how the abuse of power can leave you delirious, clearly shown by the character of Kurtz, through his mental and physical deterioration.

Overall the abuse of power in both novels is shown to end badly for the party involved. He then proceeds to judge others who are abusing power when he is in the Congo.

More Essay Examples on Novel Rubric Secondly the Heart of darkness and frankenstein essay that the white western men have a superior culture and feel the need to impose their civility on the outrageous and almost in-human savages inhabiting the Congo is the most obvious abuse of power implicated in the short story.

One way that the abuse of power is shown in the novel is that the upper classes abuse their wealth, power and education to satiate their frivolous desires. Frankenstein -who is such an important character his name lends to the title- is the clear symbol of the abuse of this power going wrong.

The fact that Shelly mentions Darwin in the preface to her book shows that her novel really could have been aiming to explore the consequences of challenging God, and abusing power obtained through wealth and education.

Abuse of Power in Heart of Darkness and in Frankenstein

The abuse of power is in a much more obvious way an underlying theme of the book. To conclude Conrad abuses his position of power as the novelist to distance himself from the novel, and both Heart of Darkness and Frankenstein show that the abuse of power eventually has terrible repercussions.

This powerful image summarises two main themes of the novella, both linked to the abuse of power. One could interpret this as a warning, that the book is telling people not to interfere with powers that should be beyond human control. A discourse is observed as the monster slowly administers power over Frankenstein, where initially Frankenstein held all the power as the creator.

Contextually this theory is supported by the events taking place in the late s and early 17th century as this was just after the Darwinist period where alternative theories were challenging the supremacy of God as creator. The frightening physical description of Frankenstein could embody the ugliness of un-godly creations, and show what the consequences of such acts would be.

However one can conclude that the use of the framed narrative shows that Conrad is abusing his power as the novelist, particularly if you look at the text from a formalist point of view. This reinforces the idea that the book is a warning to man to be wary of abusing power. Secondly it reveals the extreme extent to which white western men maintained supreme power over the natives.

Before Marlow travels to the Congo itself he reveals that it was very difficult for him to ascertain a job, which would result in his exploration of the river which had charmed and fascinated him from childhood.

Contextually the abuse of power demonstrated in this novella is reflective of the real-life exploitation of the Congo during the late s and early 18th century. The framed narrative makes it difficult to hold Conrad responsible for the more controversial opinions expressed in the novella, for example: The Hypocrisy here is evident.

They have no respect for the natives in the Congo and impose their superior culture on the people, and even have the arrogance to display it almost as a favour to the seemingly subservient race.Hence, this essay will try to describe how Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, written at the threshold of the 19th century and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, written at the end of 19th century, exploit post-colonial literary symptoms for the production of this “other” and place female characters in that domain to give them a narrative voice, a narrative presence.

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The concept of the Other is understood through its division from the Self. Essay on A Journey into Darkness in Heart of Darkness Words | 6 Pages. A Journey into Darkness in Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad, in his story, "Heart of Darkness," tells the tale of two mens' realization of the dark and evil side of themselves.

Such encounters are obvious throughout the narrative of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, in which the creature is labeled as a monster, and become more explicit in the colonial context of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, in which the character of Kurtz allows his distaste for the "savage" African population of the Congo turn him into a savage and a monster in his own right.

Frankenstein/Heart of Darkness Comparison/Contrast Essay Write a well-developed paragraph comparison/contrast essay in MLA format with a works cited page on the following topic. Begin by brainstorming the two sides or using a Venn diagram or other graphic organizer.

Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, both portray the downfall of man as he acquires knowledge that resulted from being in extended isolation.

Isolation from mankind and not being bound to the limits of society, such as in Heart of Darkness, can alter the human psyche and drive a person to the brink of insanity or death as a result of the acquisition of knowledge.

Heart of darkness and frankenstein essay
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