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This has never been truer than the account of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.

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This would prove to be their downfall. This section contains 1, words approx. It was just unfortunate that the Aztecs were easily destroyed by their own weaknesses and the negative traits that the Spanish have imparted in them.

Despite being glorified by the Aztecs, they manipulated the surrounding enemy tribes to fight and take over the Aztec lands. Getting a peak into what the Mexicas felt, saw, and experienced was priceless for understanding the Conquest of Mexico in full.

The greed of the Spanish people fueled their desire to suppress the Aztecs.

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Conquering was very important to the Aztecs; they were warriors, strong ones who trained their men at a young age to protect what they have constructed. Works Cited Leon-Portilla, Miguel. A critical analysis of the book reveals that the Spanish were totally to be blamed for the total devastation of the Aztec regime.

The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico. History accounts disclose several facets of one empire and what led to its downfall.

Lessons from The Broken Spears by Miguel Leon Portilla Essay Sample

More essays like this: He held a meeting with his nephew Cacama, his brother Cuitlahuac, as well as the other lords and leaders of the tribes on whether or not they should open their doors to the new arrivals in their land. They treated the Spanish with riches and lavish food, as they would a God.

The toll taken on the Aztecs was so tremendous that no matter when or who or how waged war against them, they were doomed. It has a concept that is well put together. Gunpowder, advanced technology, ideology and disease all played a key role in the fall of Tenochtitlan.

From the voices of the tribes, there was defeat and destruction with the arrival of the Spaniards… years after they saw eight omens that, for them, were warnings by the gods on the end of the world.

As callous as it sounds, especially after reading these accounts, I find that I have never really thought about the Aztec Empire.

The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico.

The Broken Spears by Miguel Leon-Portilla

The greedy Spaniards, on the other hand, were believed to have no satisfaction. One specific passage in the book that really amazed me is as follows: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Montezuma, who was the ruler of the Aztecs, had a funny feeling about them.

Siempre es bueno conocer los dos lados de una misma moneda. As the book goes on, Miguel Leon-Portilla describes how the Spanish were successful in taking over the solid empire. This inhumane action is an indicant of how excessively much greed and power can do people to pretermit human life.

In the world that we all live in today, people everywhere are fighting for recognition from their government; specifically seen the Arab Spring of and Again, the history that is taught in school tells the story of how Cortes defeated the Aztecs with just his thin numbers of Soldiers, and to realize that he aligned himself with this large group of natives, who then pursued a personal vendetta against this virtually innocent neighboring tribe is shocking.

Cortes was a very smart logistician and strategist when dealing with the battle he waged against the Aztecs. When Cortes recognized this, he frightened the messengers by firing off a canon, and then ordered them to fight in combat to prove their bravery.

The Aztecs, the people of the sun, my people, and my pride still live in our hearts, our souls and our languages.

The Broken Spears

The Spanish won out because of their preparation, and because they brought so many diseases with them, it killed some of the Aztecs as well. I can honestly say that all of the information that I absorbed from reading these accounts was brand new for me.

The slaughter of work forces. I never realized what a significant event this was, both in the telling of my history as an American; but more importantly for the people of the Aztec Empire. What is imperative to understanding the importance of this collection of accounts is that for hundreds of years, the Aztec people and their descendents were completely denied a voice in the chronicling of their own history.

Whether or not the Aztec people would have raged terrible war against the Spaniards and drove them off, the damage was already done. This excerpt from Broken Spears does a fantastic job of showing the demeanor of Cortes straight from the first encounter with the Aztec Empire.

It is evident that this book should be required for Latin-American Studies, since it gives a very detailed description of the events. Not too long after they arrived, the Aztecs realized that the Spanish could be killed just like their other enemies, so they went to war.

This source is reliable because it gives a good understand of what is being read. I found the entire book fascinating, and think that it should be added to the required texts in the curriculum of schools.Lessons from The Broken Spears by Miguel Leon Portilla Essay Sample Every page of history has its own lesson.

History accounts disclose several facets of one empire and what led to its downfall. Every page of history has its ain lesson. History histories unwrap several aspects of one imperium and what led to its ruin.

An illustration of this is the native Aztec imperium of Mexico which was depicted in the book written by Miguel Leon-Portilla entitled “The Broken Spears.

” Published in the book unveiled several Read More. View Test Prep - Reading Guide from IS 11 at UC Irvine. Reading Guide: The Broken Spears Miguel Leon-Portilla Key Terms: Cortez Montezuma Cholula Night of.

Miguel León-Portilla Miguel León Portilla is an anthropologist, historian, and the world’s foremost authority on Náhuatl philology and philosophy. He has spearheaded an entire scholarly discipline to evaluate and understand Náhuatl literature and thought, extending from pre-Columbian times to the million speakers of Náhuatl today.

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words. 1 page. A Literary Analysis of the Broken Spears by Miguel Leon-Portilla. 1, words. 3 pages. An Analysis of the Destruction of the Aztec Empire in the Hands of the Spaniards in Broken.

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