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People from different parts of the world came here to acquire knowledge. She is like the center of gravity of the Asian Continent.

In the East, she received respect as as land of wisdom. New methods of agriculture are being used to increase food production. The three colors are saffron, white and green. People of different caste, creed, colour, customs, and cultures live here in peace and harmony. Side by side, they kept their doors and windows open to external influences.

And there is a lot of gap between poor and rich. Unity in diversity is the Indian way of life.

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It was a time when India was a land of plenty. Through the Khyber, Bolan and other passes in the North West, foreign races entered into India at different times. India is divided into four broad natural divisions. The fourth divisions contain the two long narrow coastal plains of South India between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea on one side, and between the Eastern Ghats and Bay of Bengal on the other.

Even the most terrible Huns lost their identity and got mixed upon with the Rajputs. The Ashok Chakra in the center of the India flag denotes righteousness. Natural Divisions of India The geographical India is as vast sub-continent.

My country is a land of temples, mosques and churches, great rivers and vast fertile plains of the Ganges and the highest mountain of the world.

The present Government under the new Prime Minister is trying to befriend them. The first group contains the earliest inhabitants of the soil. In brief, Unity is more real than diversities.

India thus commands as political advantage for her geographical position. There is another chain of smaller states to her southeast such as Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

From ethnic and linguistic consideration, the people of India can be divided into four major groups. India is an agricultural country.

Long ago, in fifth century B. The longest river is River Ganga. Thus India contains as teeming population. Most of these people got completely merged with the Indian people.words essay on India Our Motherland.

We live in India. We live in India.

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It is our motherland. It is situated in Asia. It is the second most populous country in the world next to China. In terms of area it ranks seventh in the world.

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It is a peninsula. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in. India is a developing country India is regarded as the world’s biggest democracy and second most populous country.

It has posted a remarkable record of development socially, economically and politically since when she gained independence nearly seven decades ago. India lost about one-third of her Geographical area because of partition in Yet her size and population are large enough to make her a great country.

The People of India. Vast as India’s size is, vast too is her population. India is developing country essay We are now celebrating 60+ years of our Republic Day. But still many people are suffering from hungry, health illnesses. And people are living on pavements for not having a proper accommodation.

And you can clearly witness the beggars along Rail roads, Temples When you travel or tour to India. Times changed. India fell on evil days. Wave after wave of invaders came and plundered India.

India became a slave country. ‘The foreign rulers exploited her as much as they could. India became independent in The foreign rulers went away. Under the able leadership of Pt.

Nehru the country marched towards progress. New industries were set up. India is a peace loving country but she has to spend a huge amount on defence because there is danger from her neighbours, namely Pakistan and China.

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India country before self essay writer
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