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While administratively dissolved or revoked, a business may do only what is necessary to wind up and liquidate its business and affairs. Indianapolis, IN Hoosier Business Owners, My office is in the process of phasing out paper reminders for business entity reports and is moving to email notifications.

File My Business Entity Report These reports must be filed every two years for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses. How early can you file? As a courtesy, the Secretary of State will send a reminder notice the month your report is due.

The first one is due 2 years after the LLC is formed.

Indiana LLC – Business Entity Report Instructions

By maintaining a current email address with my office, you ensure that you will receive your business entity report reminders, and keep your business in good standing with the State of Indiana. If you did not change your Registered Agent, leave this box unchecked.

Indiana Secretary of State

View it as a Web page. If you are also filing late for prior years, enter those years to the right. It will arrive approximately 30 days before the due date.

You also must file the appropriate dissolution forms with the Department of Revenue, Department of Workforce Development and the Attorney General in order to avoid tax consequences and additional liabilities. The official end is effective only upon the filing of Articles of Dissolution.

In the second box to the right, enter the state where your LLC was formed. See Indiana Code ; ; ; ; or You will find instructions below for filing by mail and filing online. If you need to update your email address prior to the online application, please call Here are some examples of filings available to update your business information: Thank you for doing business in Indiana.

When the dissolution filing becomes effective, the business may not carry out any activities except those appropriate to wind up and liquidate its affairs. You will now receive an email notification reminding you to file your annual or biennial business entity report.

These filings can be processed on INBiz. Although a formal association may stop doing business, it still needs to meet all statutory requirements, such as filing business entity reports, until it is voluntarily dissolved.

For this reason, we recommend putting a repeating reminder on your calendar. For-Profit Corporations and Limited Liability Companies domestic and foreign are required to file biennial reports. Reminders Depending on how you filed your Articles of Organization, you will either receive a reminder in the mail or by email.

Section H If you changed your Registered Agent information, check off the box stating that they agree to be your Registered Agent. Update my business When certain changes occur in your business, it becomes necessary to update your business entity information.

Nonprofit Corporations domestic and foreign are required to file annual reports.

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Section E Enter the name and address of your current Registered Agent in the box to the left. In order to assist you with maintaining a current email address, the office is in the process of developing an online application where you will be able to update your email address at any time.

Payment and Mailing Instructions:Indiana Business Services Division. Business Services Division. Side Navigation. SOS Divisions. Securities Division; Effective July 1, the filing schedule for Business Entity Reports for non-profit corporations will switch from an annual cycle to a biennial cycle.

Indiana Secretary of State - Business Entity Report Filings

For more information, please refer to the New Business Entity Report. Indiana Secretary of State - Business Entity Report Filings Nonprofit Corporations (domestic and foreign) are required to file annual reports.

The filing fee is $ and the report is due during the month the entity was formed. Thank you for doing business in Indiana. Incorporate a Business. The Indiana Secretary of State, Corporations Division offers the following document filing services for Corporations (Domestic & Foreign Corporations) and Limited Liability Companies (Domestic & Foreign LLC’s).

Articles of Incorporation (Domestic & Foreign Corporation Formations) Articles of Organization (Domestic &. INBiz is the state of Indiana’s one-stop resource for registering and managing your business and ensuring it complies with state laws and regulations. We utilize state-of-the-art security features so you can feel safe about inputting your personal and business information into our system.

INDIANA SECRETARY OF STATE BIENNIAL REPORT INSTRUCTIONS. Every Indiana business must file a biennial report once every two years with the Indiana /5(28). Business Services Division. Business Entity Search. Search for Indiana business information ; Print official Certificates of Existence ; Download Business Entity documents Form a New Business or Reserve a Name Online ; File a Supplemental Business Filing; File Business Entity Reports.

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Indiana business report filing
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