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I am practically a first daughter of a first daughter. The men were the heads of the house and the leaders of society. In addition to laying the foundational Chinese traditional principles, the story demonstrates what occurs if one steps out of line: This story blurs the lines between truth and falsehood, making it difficult to decipher accurate information about the no name woman.

The Woman Warrior

The villagers are watchful. Kingston never would have written this novel if she had not immigrated to America. The talk-story Kingston is about to hear is shameful; negative history follows generation after generation.

Even more important in this ritual of how No Name Woman pulls out any loose hairs is the complex knot Kingston no name woman essay she uses, which Kingston describes as "a pair of shadow geese biting.

The first line hints at the secretive nature of Chinese society, another cultural weaknesses that troubles the author. One of the biggest disgraces in Chinese society is neglecting the elderly. Kingston will finally acknowledge this succession of generations when, at the end of "Shaman," she compares herself favorably to her mother and proudly recognizes their many similarities: As desperate as the Chinese Americans were to maintain their tradition and culture, they were also desperate to fit in and assimilate.

This presents a conflict between "those carrying traditional female social roles [and] those whose experience and values have been shaped by the new possibilities […] of the late twentieth century" Machin This could cause a serious risk to the family.

Not only does this circle represent familial relations, it also represents the circle of life. The night that the baby was born, the villagers raided and destroyed the family house, and the woman gave birth in a pigsty. The woman had brought such disgrace upon her family that they decided to pretend that she had never been born.

She tested our strength to establish realities.

FINAL PAPER: Analysis Of Kingstons’ “No Name Woman” from “The Woman Warrior”

This questioning of the validity of the story renders the reader incapable of distinguishing between what is authentic to Chinese culture and what is personal fiction. Kingston is torn; there is a presumption in speaking for her aunt even though she may have wanted to silence herself.

Having female children, especially if you did not have a son already, was shameful, and many baby girls were abandoned.

This story, although it is a story about an aunt whose life fell into disarray, is in fact a historical recollection of Chinese society and a questioning of Chinese identity.

Kingston gives the reader insight into the history of Chinese culture, which serves as a rigid guideline for the problems encountered throughout this story. For example, describing how her aunt "combed individuality" into her hair, Kingston imagines that first she "brushed her hair back from her forehead," then "looped a piece of thread, knotted into a circle between her index fingers and thumbs," around any loose hairs across her front hairline, and finally "pulled the thread away from her skin, ripping the hairs out neatly.

This prized circularity was so enmeshed in everyday life — symbolically, in "the round moon cakes and round doorways, the round tables of graduated sizes that fit one roundness inside another, round windows and rice bowls" — that the slightest ripple, the tiniest threat, to social stability was believed by the villagers to be an outright attack on an entire way of life and therefore must be completely annihilated.

An illegitimate child is someone who disturbs and harmony and wholeness of the village.

“No Name Woman” Maxine Hong Kingston Essay Sample

Having told a family secret, she fears recrimination from her parents and, ironically, worries that her aunt haunts her because she is displeased that Kingston has revealed her story.No Name Women by Maxine Hong Kingston Essay PART I: + The short story, “No Name Women”, was shocking, horrifying, and almost unfathomable for me.

I cannot imagine any person, much less a community, that would punish a family in such an inhumane manner as the raid described in the story. No Name Woman Commentary Essay. Elia Rios English II Pre-DP Ms. Tami Davis December 6, “No Name Woman” Commentary Essay In this passage from “No Name Woman,” Maxine Hong Kingston imagines what old world China was like, and paints a picture of a repressive, strictly ordered society in which people were essentially unable to have private lives.

Excerpt from Research Paper: Woman Maxine Hong Kingston's short story "No Name Woman" approaches the silencing of women and the potential for their expression in younger generations through the story of the narrator's unnamed, possibly fictional aunt.

Kingston's No Name Woman&nbspResearch Paper

In particular, the story highlights the way in which women can actually work to reinforce the social standards which keep them silenced and.

The Woman Warrior study guide contains a biography of Maxine Kingston, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. “No Name Woman” introduces us to some of the book’s major themes. The first of these is silence. With the opening words of the book, “You must not tell anyone.” the.

"No Name Woman", by Maxine Hong Kingston, is a story of Maxine's family who are Chinese-Americans. When Maxine's mother warned her about life, she told stories that tested her strength to establish realities.

- Maxine Hong Kingston's Woman Warrior - No Name Woman The excerpt, "No Name Woman", from Maxine Hong Kingston's book, Woman Warrior, gives insight into her life as a Chinese girl raised in America through a tragic story of her aunt's life, a young woman raised in .

Kingston no name woman essay
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