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Conversely, if the demand is less elastic, people will have to bear the burden of higher prices as a result of the tariff policy. The higher the coefficient Eba, the better substitutes the goods are. A monopolist while fixing the price for his product takes into consideration its elasticity of demand.

If some goods have high cross elasticity, it means that they are close substitutes. This distinction helps to define an industry. We find that the prices of coffee, tea and cigarettes increase almost every year but there has been little effect on their demand because people are in the habit of consuming them.

Time factor plays an important role in influencing the elasticity of demand for commodities. The closer the two points P and M are, the more accurate is the measure of elasticity on the basis of this formula. Income elasticity of demand is low when the demand for a commodity rises less than proportionate to the rise in the income.

The elasticity of demand of the second commodity depends upon the elasticity of demand of the major commodity. This leads to the concept of promotional elasticity which measures the responsiveness of sales to changes in advertising and other promotional expenses.

If the consumer spends a small proportion of his income on a commodity at a time, the demand for that commodity is less elastic because he does not bother much about small expenditure. First, he needs to create categories of each, keeping in mind that the taxonomy he creates for the entire series of products will also communicate market positioning and imply value levels Danaher, Will need to relize tht the content of the books nd their reputtion for scrcity vs.

But this does not apply in the case of necessities, the demand for which on the part of the poor is less elastic. In the first case, we will be in a position to charge a high price for our products and in the latter case we will be paying less for the goods obtained from the other country.

But at this price, the quantity supplied will be OQ1 and the quantity demanded OQ2. One of the great contradictions in private enterprise economies is the paradox of poverty in the midst of potential plenty. Such goods are unrelated to each other, like butter and mango.

Products which are deemed as necessities will have relatively inelastic demand schedules. Such goods are close substitutes. This brings us to another aspect which affects elasticity — the presence of substitute products. Such commodities are shoe polish, pen, pencil, thread, needle, etc.

For instance, the domestic demand for electricity being less elastic, the State Electricity Boards charge high rates. Elasticity becomes zero when the demand curve touches the X axis.

Essay on the Price Elasticity of Demand

It can also be measured with the formula of arc elasticity with the difference that here price and quantity refer to different goods. Some factors which can affect price elasticity are the degree of necessity for the product, availability of close substitutes, and the time horizon.

Importance in the Problems of International Trade: A fall in the price of butter may reduce the demand for jam to nothing. If, however, the demand for labour is inelastic, even the threat of a strike by the union will induce the employers to raise the wages of workers in an industry.

There are certain commodities which are jointly demanded, such as car and petrol, pen and ink, bread and jam, etc. One of the fundmentl shortcomings of his pricing strtegies is their lck of gility s it reltes to vlue-bsed pricing strtegy. It means that goods A and B are poor substitutes for each other.

Elasticity of demand further helps in fixing prices for the services rendered by public utilities. In the words of Prof.

Thus, we gain both ways and shall be able to increase the volume of our exports and imports. On any two points of a demand curve, the elasticity coefficients are likely to be different depending upon the method of computation.

The coefficient of income elasticity at point B is This shows that the income elasticity of E2 curve over much of its range is larger than zero but smaller than 1.

Total outlay is price multiplied by the quantity of a good purchased: Suppose that the straight line demand curve DC in Figure 3 is 6 centimeters. Each Dy curve expresses the income-quantity relationship.

Suppose we resort to devaluation, as we did in June The coefficient E may be positive, negative or zero depending upon the nature of a commodity. If the price of A falls, the demand for A being inelastic, then less of A will be purchased because it is cheaper, and more of B will be bought.There are mainly two types of elasticity, the elasticity of demand which includes price elasticity of demand, income elasticity of demand, and cross elasticity of demand as well as elasticity of supply (McConnell, Brue, & Flynn, )ii.

Price elasticity of demand is a measure of the responsiveness of change in quantity demanded of a good/service to a change in price, ceteris paribus. As the law of demand indicates, when the price of a good/service increases, the demand of it will decrease.

Conversely, when the price of a product decreases, the demand of the product will increase.

Price Elasticity of Demand Essay Sample

Price Elasticity of Demand (25 Marks) Essay. depends on the price elasticity of demand for their products" 25 marks Callum Barnett Price elasticity of demand is the proportionate change in demand for a good, following an initial proportionate change in the good’s.

The availability of substitutes, the more 'substitutes' there are available for a particular product; the greater the elasticity. If the price change is a permanent price change QD will have a different response than if the price was being dropped for example a one-day-sale.

Price Elasticity Essays (Examples)

We will write a custom essay sample on Price Elasticity specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now If the seller is unable to raise prices because the product is price elastic (if prices rose, more demand would be lost than extra revenue gained), the seller then has to bear the burden of the tax or face decreased revenues.

Price Elasticity Of Demand Price Elasticity of Demand is the quantitative measure of consumer behavior whereby there is indication of response of quantity demanded for a product or service to change in price of the good or service (Mankiw,).

The Price Elasticity of Demand is calculated using either the point method or the midpoint method.

Price elasticity products essays
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