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I then tell them to open up the i-movie folder for their period to see where they should be saving their movie, pictures, and music. It will make 30 second videos with music and effects very easily. These students will be making an animoto that simply shows the process of photosynthesis.

Major Strategies to Watch for: Reteaching 30 minutes For some students, this activity is a chance to relearn material they have not yet shown proficiency on through the formative assessments, quizzes, and discussions.

The purpose of this lesson is to help students either relearn the information or extend their information through creating a technology project. The checklist for this assignment is: There are also documents from apple that go over the basics. How to Make Student Animoto Accounts Introduction 10 minutes Today the students will be doing a type of digital writing using the Animoto platform.

How to import photos How to make photos into a project How to change the time for each photo How to use the ken burns effect How to change the order of photos How to add titles to photos either on the photo or on black before the photo How to add effects between photos If you are not familiar with how to use the i-movie program, or if you end up using a different type of movie maker, there are lots of tutorials online which you can show to the class such as this one by Tara Miller.

I then have students fill in the Study Guide using their notes, books, and internet. To begin the project I go over the basics of i-movie on my emac at the front of the classroom.

I also tell students that they will be able to add video and music as they plan their projects: I use this anchor chart to help build the foundation of "Readable Writing" in class.

Once they have a plan, we go on the computers and find the pictures. There is also a method of setting up an Educator account and getting 50 free Animoto Plus accounts. Students usually miss points when it comes to talking about the physical and chemical properties of their elements or really saying why there element is important.

This is an example of a video about Chlorine and this is the rubric which shows that this group earned 60 out of 70 points.

I also encourage them to begin to find pictures as they do their research and place them in their folder.

It is probably a good idea to go back to the concept of "readable writing" to make sure that students view this as a writing project instead of just a tech project. Then, as the second to last day of the unit I give them time to finish their movies and officially "turn in". This is another example of a video about Mercury.

With my old emacs in my classroom it takes time to download the movies so I download them to grade and then on the day of the exam I have each group watch each others i-movies and have them vote for the best in the class using a voting paper.

Then I show them how to add their pictures and fiddle with the captions and effects. What is the most important thing about photosynthesis to put in your project?

I take them to the animoto website and help them set up their animoto accounts. I tell them that if they want to add video to their projects that I have three video cameras that they can use and will help them with that part I also tell them that they can add music to their projects AT THE END so if they have songs in mind they can bring them in on CD but that they will do this on the last day of the project.

Since kids are doing two different assignments, I hand these out first and let them read the assignment and plan for a few minutes.

Element i-movies

I start by explaining to the kids that we will be making Animotos What they really need to know before they get on the computer is what types of pictures they will need. This is one for i-movie HD from which I will provide pages for students at their tables to refer to when working on their movies.

Students record their opening question on their learning goal sheet and are ready to start class 3 min after the bell has rung.

Photosynthesis: Movie!

For example, students will probably need pictures of the sun. Below is a screencast explaining some of the tricks to animoto. I then reward the winning group with a treat.

There purpose is to produce a type of "readable writing" that will explain the process of photosynthesis to others. Create a product using your photosynthesis learning. As students work I walk around and help with i-movie, gathering data, and making sure that all students work together. She also has a few others that go into more detail with video and picture editing.

I provide website resources on their project paper. I then assign each group a computer I have 8 computers in my classroom, one for each table group where I have a sticky message that tells them where they will be saving their movies and pictures and a pre-made folder on the desktop for each class period.

I show them this video that I made about food chains to get them excited about the project.

I have minutes as the time here, but I actually have students work on the projects throughout the unit as there is extra time in class.I present the making of the element i-movie as one lesson here but in reality this is a project that I do over the course of Unit 2 and take one day at the end of unit 2 for students to complete the project.

May 03,  · Project for unit 7 of an 9th grade English class. The Most Dangerous Game IMovie Trailer - Mr. Miles English 9 Unit 7 Project The Old Republic Mini Movie. Here is the best resource for homework help with PSYCHOLOGY PS PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT at Kaplan University.

Find PSYCHOLOGYPS study guides, notes, Final Project Kaplan University PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT unit 7 2 pages. Unit 7 Project; PS Personality Development Unit 7 Project; PS Personality Development. Words: Graded % A+.

Get the solution to your question. Bus Final Exam Part 1 Question In Which Of The Following Stages Is It Determined What Project Will Entail When Be Scheduled: $ Write A Main Function And The Following Functions.

Unit 7 Ps Essay example. Unit 7 Project PS Personality Development Prof: Benjamin Anderson 1. What is the relationship between cognition and personality development?

Put simply, developmental theories of personality follow quite closely the same developmental timetable as cognitive development. The Oral stage of Freud occurs during. View Essay - Unit_7_Project ps from PSY PSY76 at Capella University. Personality development 1 Personality Development Meredith Barlow Kaplan University PS Prof: Eddie Scott Personality.

Ps330 unit 7 project movie
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