Rewrite apache maintenance page

Depending on your server setup, this line may be unnecessary.

Global IIS Rewrite Rule

That way its there when you need it, rather than having to make one at the last minute when things go bang, Key things to consider Keep the page simple, it may need to load quickly while the web server is stressed. Include an eta for when the site will be back online. Bob says you can also also added the following line to "help stupid web caches not keep on showing the error page after the site is back.

Some are described here. The second method is equally effective, and looks like this: And otherwise consider pointing to some material to keep visitors busy until things are sorted. There are a few ways you can do that.

Redirecting Apache traffic to a maintenance page

The third line checks to see if the request is coming from your computer. Code Explanation The first line is merely a comment to explain the purpose of the code.

For that all you need to do is to remove the code we added to the. If you are on a dedicated server, open the Apache configuration file httpd. For this, you will require a static public IP address. For example, we can do htaccess password-protectionallow access to multiple visitorsrequest specific redirectsand much more.

Do include essential content, for example a basic apology for the service interruption. August 24, Find a programming school near you Zip Code: Enter the following bit of code into the file. Your code will now look something like this: Do remember to remove these settings once you are done with your maintenance work or upgrades.

If appropriate include details on how to contact you or your company. Just grab, gulp and go.Temporary Maintenance using Mod_Rewrite Recently I revisited this mini project and fixed some comment placements that were causing Apache errors.

Redirect Site to Maintenance Page using Apache and HTAccess

The script was working great again, but I discovered an issue with IPv6 and routers. Each computer get’s a different IPv6 address and if you do a google search for each machine’s IP address. Apache httpd + mod_jk Configuration for a “Down for Maintenance” Page Dan | 18 April | No comments This is a configuration I used to create a “Down for Maintenance” page with a HTTP response code in httpd while I redeploy a Tomcat war file.

Temporarily redirect *all* HTTP/HTTPS requests in IIS to a “server maintenance” page. and setting up an IIS rewrite rule that sends the user to another page for all requests in that app. But, it would take us longer to do that than it will to do the database maintenance!

One option would be to install an instance of apache or. Display a Site Maintenance Page mi-centre.comss and mod_rewrite Leave a reply Have you ever wanted to display a maintenance page to all of the visitors to. I am trying to force all traffic to maintenance page php_value error_reporting AddDefaultCharset utf-8 Options -Indexes php_flag display_errors off RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^.*)$.

.htaccess “Down For Maintenance” Page Redirect

Using just a small snippet mi-centre.comss code, you can send all users to a 'down for maintenance' page while you may work on the website. Genius!

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Rewrite apache maintenance page
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