Rh bill 2 essay

Studies on countries where sex education is part of the curriculum have found it beneficial in that it actually delays sexual relations and encourages abstinence before marriage. Hire Writer Some of these misconceptions are: Lagman is himself a Catholic, and goes to mass when he can.

I am not in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill because it strikes down our morality and our conservative culture, allows the use of abortifacients which Rh bill 2 essay increase the incidents of abortion, and it includes the use of government funds for contraceptives which I think is no good for our country.

Provided, that reproductive health education shall be conducted by competent and adequately trained persons preferably reproductive health care providers: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

One or their claims is that it will solve the problem of overpopulation. And thus, I believe that this law should not be passed.

Government corruption and unequal distribution of wealth and resources are the reasons why our country continues to face economic and financial problems. Family planning and reproductive health will help reduce poverty.

There are more important things that the money that will be allocated to these should go to. It is a totally different aspect of the entire discussion. Let this be revived today because of the need of the youth to be informed about their rights as a human being.

Rh Bill Position Paper Essay Sample

It allows the use of abortifacients which may contribute to the rise of abortion cases. These are meant to suppress ovulation, which stops fertilization and the formation of a fetus.

Again, because of a dearth of knowledge, these people simply just leave it to fate if it happens that the wife gets pregnant almost every year. These people are the ones most vulnerable. Why would I allow the tax that I pay to be used in purchasing drugs that I consider wrong?

The RH Bill claims to be panacea to poverty — The Bill simply recognizes the correlation between a large population and poverty. In the process, they would be empowered. The bill provides healthcare for mothers and children, especially among the poor and vulnerable groups.

The bottomline is that these information should be made available for everyone and explained to them, most especially those who have no capacity to learn and understand.

A lot of considerations have emerged in several discussions essentially because the staunchest opposition to the passage of the RH Bill comes from the Catholic Church.I am in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill/RH Bill, not because I don’t believe in God or I disobey His rules but let’s open our eyes on our countries status.

The RH Bill Essay Sample. NOTE: “Leadership Reflections” shares views of the different members of the University Leadership Council on matters related to campus life and the operations of the University. Rh Bill Essay. Representatives as a result of re-introducing the bill under a different impression after overwhelming opposition in the country, especially from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines.[2][3] The law is highly divisive and controversial, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures supporting.

Jan 01,  · Reproductive Health bill he Reproductive Health bill, popularly known as the RH bill, is a Philippinebillaiming to guaranteeuniversal access to methods and information onbirth controland maternal care.

So much has been said for and against the reproductive health bill.

RH bill Essay

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Rh bill 2 essay
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