Stakeholder impact essay

Leveraging may also be connected with the long-term benefits or the positive effects associated with the event prior and after the event occurrence, for example, the image of the holding community. This is enhanced through cultural interactions where many people from different cultures interact and share their cultures.

This means that without the involvement of the municipality, an event may not happen. Therefore, the event has a high degree of legitimacy if it and its organizing group are considered desirable, and appropriate among its stakeholders.

The interaction among performers has unchanging traits in the alliance and competition for gaining an advanced market share. Festival organizers form long-term and short-term relationships with the artist industry, hotel owners, salespersons, the local trade and association clubs to come up with different parts of the event product.

The event has a massive boost to the Australian economy. Event management and sustainability. According to the current understanding of events, the most common impacts are physical, environmental, social, political, economic, cultural, and tourism destination impacts.

The event management determines the success of the event. They may also extend these damages to the nearby businesses and streets thus causing unnecessary costs to business owners Allen, In addition, events causes overcrowding in many places which results to large queues in places like banks hotels and supermarkets.

These discussions assist in the formation of plans to be followed towards the accomplishment of the objectives and tasks. During these events, tourists visit various tourist attraction places in the host country.

These noises may disturb the residents for the entire period that the event takes. According to the current level of understanding, events are usually assessed from an economic perspective. Events trigger the increase of property value. A legitimate event builds fruitful relationships with stakeholders and forms a good reputation.

Visitors Visitors also referred to as guests have a compulsory obligation of paying for tickets, which usually make huge returns depending on the type of the event. An operational plan results to a successful event.

Events with a large number of visitors mostly attracts the responsiveness from other links, persons and organizations compelling them to commit to the various parts of event product.

Both impacts build up because of an event occurrence. The municipality is among the most important stakeholders because it has the directive to decide if an event will occur or not. Identification of stakeholders is a step conducted before coming up with the budget and drawing goals and methods to achieve these goals.

Once you have placed each stakeholder on the matrix according to their current alignment and level of interest, you can plan how to move them to a position where they are both highly aligned and highly interested in making your outcomes happen. It is vital to discover who all the stakeholders are during your project prepartion phase.

The event was identified to have created more than five thousand jobs both part time and full time through that period. The municipality also decides how the event is supposed to happen.

Economic benefits and economic costs Events create economic benefits while at the same time creating economic costs. The more involved your key stakeholders are, the more likely the outcome is to be appropriate and sustainable.

A fruitful event creates value to the organizers, business sector in the town and the event visitors. Events may be grouped as sports event, business event, cultural events, and fun event, religious and political events. Some of them use violence to get these materials resulting to injuries and in some cases deaths.

The management also ensures safety measures of the attendees and the hosting community. Public authorities The police, municipality, rescue team, the medical team, the fire brigades and the environmental government include the public authority personnel and teams that are involved in the event.

These impacts may happen prior to the event, in the process of an event or after the event. There are cases where these events are held free of charge. Social costs and disturbance One of the social disturbances includes noise.

Examples of event stakeholders are visitors, the music and artist industry, the public authority, sponsors, volunteers, associations and clubs, hotel owners, salespersons, the media industry and everyone impacted by the event Damm, Why is stakeholder analysis useful?

The stakeholders involved may be both public and private. Some of the event actors like restaurant owners, salespeople and artists can be replaced.Free Stakeholder Impact papers, essays, and research papers.

Stakeholder Importance And Engagement. Print Reference this According to their impact there are three types of stakeholders.

Primary stakeholder: the person or group, who ultimately affected by the could be negatively or positively. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published.

Stakeholder Analysis: A basic introduction

Stakeholder Management And Its Contribution To Project Success Construction Essay. Print Reference this. Investigating the impact of stakeholder management and its contribution to project success in the construction industry.

To propose a strategy for measuring the impact of stakeholder management thereby assessing its impact on. This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. THE STAKEHOLDER THEORY SUMMARY.

Cross-Cutting Tool Stakeholder Analysis October Assessing the influence of, importance of, and level of impact upon each stakeholder; and 3) Identifying how best to engage stakeholders. We describe key questions to ask at each of these steps and provide an example of a tool. 1. Identifying the key stakeholders and their interests.

Stakeholder are groups of people who have interest in an organization and have the potential to impact or influence or to be impacted on, or to be influenced by the event.

Stakeholder impact essay
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