The great gatsby written task 1

I wandered around the vast area of America without knowing where I am heading or what I am getting into. I remember that the old, rotund man was out there in the deep sea alone without conscious.

Not only that, I will also leave time for questions at the end. The contrasting register and diction is also inspired by the original poem, with the sophisticated diction representing higher society as it does in the last stanza of the first vignette, with the last stanza using lower class diction in the form of s slang to represent the lower class narrative voice.

According to Michaelis, a bystander who witnessed the event, the car is bright yellow in color and the driver hesitated to stop, but ended up speeding away. The crowd grew bored and tiresome of his love story. If you would excuse me, I have an important meeting to attend.

Little did she know that he did not give a damn about her. At that time, I knew that I could neither resist myself from taking my eyes off of her nor resist myself from following her upstairs. I had no respect for him, not anymore. Never before had I seen such a smile as graceful as hers or the eyes as charming as hers.

In terms of language features, first person pronouns were used, directly addressing and include the reader to create a sense of camaraderie so they feel engaged and therefore more likely to take my advice and go see the movie. Nick is given more of an intense tone where he is starting to feel that he should do something.

I thought he killed my wife! Dan Cody was a very honorable man. They both love me and I love them both! To me, it appears as if God had set out paths and that I was destined to meet him. Through this task, I aimed to persuade others to watch the movie.

You see, Tom was here to refill his gas during the afternoon and he was driving a yellow car, just exactly like the one that hit Myrtle.

He is more than words can describe. He, of all, had a tense grip on the future and it was because of that inner will that drove him. Never had I thought that he would be such a great impact in my life that triggered me to become a new man in the midst of fatigue and lethargy. Daisy arrived at the front porch of the house but she was sobbing softly.

So yeah, we were shouting and yelling at each other. What are you critiquing? As he reached the table, he bowed to all of us and took a seat as his two bodyguards stood behind him.

Following the structure of The Waste Land as a modernist poem, this pastiche has two vignettes with each stanza emulating the style and structure of the original poem.

I had no choice but to sleep the lonely night in the large, cold city. Discuss structural techniques of your text type and pull examples from your task for support.

Fitzgerald writes Gatsby as an unpredictable isolated figure in which society seems to be curious about. He is, and forever will be, the great Gatsby. Though I lived the rest of my life with the honorable Dan Cody, I was cheated of wealth and legacy after his death.

In most cases, you MUST have a provenance, or a publication source. Apparently, Tom just came back from the city. Form and structure are just as important as content. After all, it was a reward they deserved for being alive until the end of the shift. Wilson has settled down and has remained in a calm state of mind.

I was relieved it had all ended. Nick is more of a spectator in the novel so I decided to create an ending where he finally has to make decisions to save his cousin Daisy. The crowd roared with boastful demands. Tom parked the car in front of his still majestic East Egg mansion as the well-groomed servants rush to open the main door.Oct 31,  · The Great Gatsby: Written Task RATIONALE For part 4 of my English course we studied the novel The Great Gatsby by F.

Scott Fitzgerald. Towards the end of chapter 7 of the novel, Gatsby and Daisy accidentally kill Myrtle when she rushes onto the road.

Because they were in Gatsby’s yellow car, the public is led to believe that Gatsby. Written Task 1: Creative Task. You will end up submitting one WT1 and one WT2 to the IB; 20% of final mark (in other words, this one will be 10%) Written Task Proposal: and inspired by both The Waste Land by T.S.

Eliot and The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby. Written Task 2 Requirementswords (around 3 pages, double-spaced) Responds to 1 of 6 prescribed questions accompanied by the IB outline demonstrates your understanding of The Great Gatsby Intro, Body, Conclusion need to use properly cited evidence from the text.

Oct 31,  · This written task revolves around the novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The written task revolves around the scene of the death of Myrtle from the car accident up to the end where Wilson murders Gatsby and commits suicide in chapters 7 and 8 of the novel.

 Written Task 1 IB English Language and Literature Rationale word count: words Total word count: words Rationale: In the first semester of my International Baccalaureate English course, we analyzed Mary Louise Pratt’s “Arts.

WRITTEN TASK 2. THE GREAT GATSBY Outline Drumil Patel IBDP 1 “The Great Gatsby” 1) Thesis Statement: The character of George Wilson shows how5/5(1).

The great gatsby written task 1
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